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Randefalk Mouthpiece

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From the first moment I played the mouthpiece I really loved it! It is a must have for the contemporary baritone player.

Leen Vandenhende

I have played on the R1 and R3 now for a couple years and I think they work extremely well for my tubas and my  style of playing. The intonation is spot on, less fatigue in the embouchure and the response together with the instrument really helps.

I use the R3 with both my Rudolf Meinl 4/4 C-tuba and my Wessex Eb Tubby TE665HP. 

The R1 suits my Wessex BBb Prokofiev very well and gives both high and low register clarity and nice sound! 

The rim of the Randefalk mouthpiece is very comfortable and enhances articulation in all registers.

I highly recommend anyone to try these mouthpieces out!

Jörgen Ådvall

Wessex Artist 

Tuba in the Royal Swedish Navy Band 

BBb-tuba Windcorp Brass Band

Jörgen Ådvall

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