Randefalk Music is happy to announce the cooperation with DiamondBrass. We can offer this coating on Randefalk Mouthpieces and make life easier for those who struggle with allergies, cold sores or over sensitivity to the lips. Randefalk can also offer this coating to your existing mouthpiece. The price will be 90-140 euro depending on size and model. Please write to post@randefalkmusic.com for quotes and more information. 

Features of DiamondBrass:

100% diamond

The application to the brass layer is made of 100% synthetic diamond. Due to the nature of this surface, the bundling of lip vibrations in the mouthpiece is optimized. This makes the sound more harmonious and radiant.


100% bio-compatible       

The diamond layer is completely free of metal and other aggressive chemicals that are inadvertently in the gold or silver coating during the galvanization process. DiamondBrass ensures 100% bio-compatibility.


100% anti-bacterial        

Viruses and bacteria are a common cause of cold sores or irritation. The DPB layer stops unwanted proliferation of bacteria and causes them to die due to the inorganic substance. The mouthpiece stops and hinders the germ growth.


Pleasant feeling        

DiamondBrass feels much more comfortable compared to traditional metal coatings. Due to the insulating thermal conductivity of the diamond, the mouthpiece feels pleasantly warm. Diamond is also an electrical insulator and stops the galvanic exchange of electrons between the instrument and the body.