Ryton Baritone/Small trombone R4B

Ryton Baritone/Small trombone R4B

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Randefalk mouthpieces are V and U shaped at the same time. It’s a gliding transition to a small cone in the throat.

  • Gives a big and clear sound
  • Increases your top and low register
  • Makes the intonation better
  • Extremely comfortable rim
  • Easier flexibility
  • Clear articulation
  • Same tone quality in the whole register


Baritone and Small Trombone R4B 

  • Rim Ø  25.60 mm
  • Outer Ø 39.20 mm
  • Bore size 7.00 mm
  • Cup Depth 35.50 mm
  • Total length 72.00 mm
  • Backbore 8.50 mm