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Randefalk mouthpieces are V and U shaped at the same time. It’s a gliding transition to a small cone in the throat. They are made of Lead free brass with double gold plating.

NEWS! Now we offer a choice of Deep Silver or Gold plating. This protect more against sensitive reactions and increase the smooth feeling on the lips. 

GM (Gyda Matland) is the new model flugel horn mouthpiece. The cup is V-shaped but not to deep. This allows you to move around in the registers more easy but with a full tone all over. Also the inner rim is more smooth for more comfort.

RGM is a big mouthpiece with a very deep cup and a distinct rim with quick response. The choice if you have sharp intonation on your instrument. (If you are interested in this model, please send a message.)

You can also order all Randefalk Mouthpieces with a synthetic Diamond coating at an extra cost (price range from 90-140 euro depending on size and model)

  • Gives a big and clear sound
  • Increases your top and low register
  • Makes the intonation better
  • Extremely comfortable rim
  • Easier flexibility
  • Clear articulation
  • Same tone quality in the whole register


    Flugelhorn GM

    • Rim Ø 17.00 mm
    • Outer Ø 27.35 mm
    • Bore size 4.60 mm
    • Cup Depth 22.70 mm
    • Total length 58.50 mm
    • Weight 76g

    Flugelhorn RGM: If you are interested in this model, please send a message.

    (Good choice if you have sharp intonation on your instrument)

    • Rim Ø 17.10 mm
    • Outer Ø 27.80 mm
    • Bore size 4.20 mm
    • Cup Depth 23.50 mm
    • Total length 62.00 mm
    • Weight 58g