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Randefalk mouthpieces are V and U shaped at the same time. It’s a gliding transition to a small cone in the throat. They are made of Lead free brass with double gold plating.

GM (Gyda Matland) is the new model flugel horn mouthpiece. The cup is V-shaped but not to deep. This allows you to move around in the registers more easy but with a full tone all over. Also the inner rim is more smooth for more comfort.

RGM is a big mouthpiece with a very deep cup and a distinct rim with quick response. The choice if you have sharp intonation on your instrument

You can also order all Randefalk Mouthpieces with a synthetic Diamond coating at an extra cost (price range from 90-140 euro depending on size and model)

  • Gives a big and clear sound
  • Increases your top and low register
  • Makes the intonation better
  • Extremely comfortable rim
  • Easier flexibility
  • Clear articulation
  • Same tone quality in the whole register


    Flugelhorn GM

    • Rim Ø 17.00 mm
    • Outer Ø 27.35 mm
    • Bore size 4.20 mm
    • Cup Depth 22.70 mm
    • Total length 58.50 mm
    • Weight 73g

    Flugelhorn RGM (Good choice if you have sharp intonation on your instrument)

    • Rim Ø 17.10 mm
    • Outer Ø 27.80 mm
    • Bore size 4.20 mm
    • Cup Depth 23.50 mm
    • Total length 62.00 mm
    • Weight 58g